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"Envisioning a world where poverty caused by rural isolation no longer exists"


After months of preparation and two months of hard work in country, B2P UofT is proud to announce the completion of our third bridge project! We would like to thank everyone's support and dedication these past few months: The in country travel team, the B2P team back home in Canada, and especially to all our incredible sponsors for making this bridge a success. The completed bridge was celebrated with a lively inauguration ceremony hosted by the community in late July which brought the team and all the communty members together one last time.

Please check out the projects and sponsors page for more information!


Our travel team is about one month into the bridge build! They arrived in Cochabamba in early June along with the Western University tag-along team and have since made tremendous progress for the bridge over the Gonchu Mayu River. So far, all the bridge excavations and tiers have been complete. The team is working hard with the community and enjoying the cultural immersion.

This marks B2P UofT's third independent bridge project. At the end of the build, 3 communities with over 140 members will have safe access across waters year round. Thank you to all our supporters, we are excited to share more updates and photos soon!

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Formerly named Bridges to Prosperity, EIA UofT is a multidisciplinary team of University of Toronto students dedicated to raising awareness and making a positive impact on student and global life. Our chapter is a branch of the parent Engineers in Action organization. Our students are determined to use their academic background and the expertise provided by EIA to bring footbridges from design to construction. Throughout the year we also host a multitude of events on campus engaging students, industry, and alumni.

Our mission is to bridge the gap of isolation in developing communities through the strategic design and construction of footbridges.
Our vision is of a world where a lack of adequate infrastructure does not contribute to global poverty.
Our values are human rights, professionalism, equality, education, innovation and excellence.

Imagine having your access to education, food, or healthcare be goverened by the height of a river. During the rainy season, many communities around the globe are faced with impassable waters. High water lines further isolate these communities from vital resources and economic opportunities. With a focus on sustainable global development and community engangement, each pedestrian footbridge project provides the communities we work with safe access for the entire year.