2016 Bridge Project: Patzula, Joyabaj Municipality, Guatemala

  • Population: 1,900
  • Daily Traffic: 800 (45 students)
  • Span: 33 metres

The Patzula Pedestrian Bridge is located in the municipality of Joyabaj (El Quiché department) in the Western Highlands region of Guatemala, about 60 kilometres northwest of the capital, Guatemala City. The bridge spans approximately 33 m to connect two communities located on opposite sides of the Rio Patzula: Chorraxaj (population: 1550) and Patzula (population: 330). The main goal of the bridge is to serve about 45 students per day that cross the river to access their school. During days with heavy rains, the students were typically not able to cross via an existing log bridge and would not attend school. The communities also benefit from quicker pedestrian access to the health post in Chorraxaj (which would otherwise require a 40 minute drive), and access to surrounding markets. In total, about 800 people are expected to use the bridge.

Click here to see a photo album from the project.

Joyabaj, Guatemala

2015 Bridge Project: Chimore, Bolivia

  • Population: 500
  • Daily Traffic: 80 (50 students, 30 adults)
  • Span: 90 metres

Our chapter’s first project serves the community of Chimore in the Cochabamba District of Bolivia. The bridge spans 90 metres and serves a community of 500 people. The expected traffic on the bridge is 50 students and 30 adults every day. The design and construction of the bridge was conducted by a team with members from both University of Toronto and University of Waterloo. The team travelled to Bolivia in August 2015 to work with Bridges to Prosperity engineers and the local community.

Chimore, Bolivia