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Official Sponsors

We are incredibly grateful to receive the support of Ferrovial for a second year! Ferrovial is one of the world's leading infrastructure operators and municipal services companies, committed to developing sustainable solutions in over 15 countries around the globe. The company’s activities are carried out through four business lines:

  • Services: efficient provision of urban and environmental services and maintenance of infrastructures and facilities.
  • Toll Roads: promotion, investment and operation of toll roads and other infrastructures.
  • Construction: the design and construction of infrastructures in the areas of civil engineering work, building and industrial construction.
  • Airports: airport investment and operation.

Ferrovial’s projects in Canada include the operation of the 407 Express Toll Route, and the construction of the east extension of the 407. Alike B2P, Ferrovial wishes to shape the future through the development and operation of sustainable infrastructures and cities with the highest level of safety. This is why Ferrovial has generously sponsored Bridges to Prosperity - University of Toronto Chapter for our 2017 project in Chillcani, Bolivia, as well as our 2018 Gonchu Mayu project. Their contribution provides communities better access to education, health care, and sustenance.

We are grateful for Ferrovial’s assistance, and we are excited for the continued partnership.

We are thrilled to announce R.V. Anderson as one of B2P UofT's newest sponsors! RVA has been providing engineering, operations, and management services Since 1948. Their specialists have expertise in environmental and infrasture engineering for water, wastewater, transportation, and urban development. Asides from the technical services, RVA also has an impressive corporate social responsibility framework, establishing themselves as community leaders.

We are grateful for the support and are excited to involve RVA in B2P operations. RVA has already participated in B2P's annual bridge competition as speakers and judges, and will also be offering support throughout the bridge design and construction process for the Gonchu Mayu bridge this summer.

This marks B2P UofT's third year in partnership with Alberici. In 2016 and 2017, Alberici Constructors graciously provided funds which went directly towards our first two bridge projects. This year will be no different; our entire team here at B2P would like to thank them for their continued support. ALC is a leader in construction services focusing on quality and safety, inspiring our team to do the same.

Alberici Constructors is an award-winning construction firm that has operated in Canada for over two decades. Since 1997, they have provided the Southern Ontario region with management for construction services, cost control, and safety. ACL has an established presence in market sectors such as water/wastewater, industrial/power, mining infrastructure, structural steel, infrastructure, buildings, and automotive construction. They rely on self performing services such as civil and structural steel erection, equipment setting, and piping/electrical work to ensure that projects are completed safely, timely, and within budget.

Their continued dedication to health and safety has won them multiple awards including the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association’s John M. Beck Award for their BioAmber plant project. Once again, we are incredibly thankful for their contribution towards the 2016 and 2017 bridge projects and are excited for the upcoming year.

Klohn Crippen Berger is another one of our newest sponsors. KCB is an award winning consulting firm specializing in engineering, geoscience, and environmental services for the most challening infrastructure projects. They believe in delivering professional and practical technical solutions while maintaining strong quality, health, and community engagement ethics. Their most notable projects fall within the mining, energy, power, and transportation umbrella. Examples include the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, Sugar Lake Dam, and Hidden Valley Mine closure.

Thank you KCB; we are grateful to have you on board this year's project!

As a club within the Engineering Society of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science in the University of Toronto, Bridges to Prosperity - University of Toronto Chapter is fortunate to receive funding from departments and associations across the faculty to realize our bridge projects. We thank the following for their support and help throughout the years since we have started our bridge building initiative:

  • Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering,
  • Division of Engineering Science,
  • The Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering,
  • You’re Next Career Network,
  • Engineering Society, and
  • Engineering Alumni Association.

In 2017, Four Arup Engineers volunteered their time to travel as Bridge Corps with us on the Chillcani bridge project. Arup is a firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants, and technical experts working across a multitude of sectors creating today’s built environment. In 2017, four individuals from three of Arup’s international offices joined our UofT travel team as Bridge Corps members. On site, they provided us essential expertise and technical support throughout the construction of the Chillcani footbridge in Bolivia.

Arup’s projects encompasses a myriad of services across all industries, ranging from airport planning to acoustics engineering. Founded by Ove Arup in 1946, the employee owned firm now operates globally at the forefront of design and consulting tackling some of the world’s most challenging infrastructural problems.

Notable projects:

  • Sydney Opera House
  • Scotland’s Whitelee Windfarm
  • California Academy of Sciences - The most sustainable museum in the world.

We are incredibly thankful for the time and knowledge Arup has imparted on our team and hope to further develop this partnership to help more communities like Chillcani overcome their infrastructural challenges.

Iridium Communications provides a global network of connectivity, operating the world's largest commercial constellation of 66 Low-Earth Orbit satellites to service industries including aviation, government, maritime, and recreational activities. With groundbreaking technology, Iridium is growing to meet the demands of global mobile communications on land, at sea, and in the skies. This summer, the B2P travel team is fortunate enough to use the Iridium GO! product, one of their many communication devices, in order to stay connected during the bridge build. Thank you again to Iridium!

PICCO Engineering is an award-winning professional services firm that specializes in areas of stone, residential, and structural engineering. Received award include the MIA+BSI (Marble Institute of American and Building Stone Institute) Pinnacle Award of Merit, for projects such as the Ark of Return, a United Nations Memorial of New York, and the Aga Khan Museum, where PICCO Engineering provided excellent stone structural design and consulting. In addition, PICCO Engineering have generously sponsored us in many of our bridge projects, including our 2017 project in Chillcani, Bolivia, thus providing thousands of people living in isolated communities the access to health care, education, and sustenance.

We are still very grateful for their generous help and hoping to work with them again in the future.